About Us

Have a MINI? Want a MINI? You’re in the right place.


Who are we?

Derby City MINIs is a collective group of enthusiasts and owners in the Kentuckiana (Kentucky and Indiana) region. We aren’t exclusively Louisville owners, although we are based in the city. We have members as far as Bowling Green, KY to Indianapolis, IN to Cincinnati, OH and everywhere in between. We even have a few from Canada that make a few appearances!


What do we do?

Lots of stuff. We try to cater to all interests, ranging from simple meet-ups where we swap stories over a campfire to week long caravans through the mountains of the East Coast. Most of our events are held monthly or biweekly. Our typical meets are dinner at a local restaurant or a 1-2 hour drive to a cool/unusual place.


How do I join?

Simple. As long as you have the desire to join, you’re a member. If you’d like something a little more “authentic” as far as being in the club, we offer premium memberships as well as some swag. Want to learn more? Check out our page Become a Member. We also have a Facebook Group page where most of our conversations take place. Simply request to join the Group and a moderator will approve you.


Do I have to make every meet to be a member?

Not at all. You don’t have to make any meets to be a member. We’d like to see you every now and then, but we understand that people have busy schedules. We try to rotate our meets on Saturdays and Sundays, and are thinking about throwing some Thursday nights in for those who can’t make weekend events.


So… do I have to have a MINI to join?

Of course not! If you like MINIs (or Minis!) you can join. It doesn’t matter if you have a smartcar fortwo or a Chevrolet TrailBlazer. We especially love motorcyclists and other European imports, but really, we do not judge. We may tease, but we will never discriminate you on the type of car (or no car) you have. That’s just not cool.